Ceasing work

Members who cease working as dentists before drawing on their VZWL pension and continue to be members of the Westphalia-Lippe Dental Association will be able to be released from their membership on written application in accordance with Art. 11 AOA.

Members who meet the exemption criteria but do not wish to be exempt can apply to pay the minimum instead of the standard compulsory contribution (Art. 19 AOA).

Follow-on insurance

If a member's membership in the Westphalia-Lippe Dental Association ends, so will their membership in the VZWL. However, in accordance with Art. 13 AOA, members are also able to voluntarily continue their membership in the VZWL on written application as a follow-on insurance for the period during which they are not a member of another occupational pension that they are required to pay pension contributions to. This application has to be submitted within four weeks of the end of their membership in the Westphalia-Lippe Dental Association.

When using the VZWL follow-on insurance option, members will also be able to switch to paying the minimum contributions on application (Art. 19 AOA).